Afghanistan on its own

Afghanistan is on its own now, last foreign troops have left the country. A new phase has started for 30 million Afghans who are seperated by two mayor languages, by numerous ethnic groups and many clans. They are united by a painful past of fighting, terror and civil war. The question is if those suffering will have the capacity to push back those, who fight against state structures.

The coming weeks and months will show if the new President Ghani and his Co Abdullah, the newly established government and their state structures are able to build stability and peace. Ghani sent out some strong message: Whoever attacked one of his people would be attacking him, and he would not hesitate to fight back. – Will the new governmant manage to create unity and  a state identity for all? And that is not all: Will Ghani  be able to create a state that can work and become a reliable partner, for inside the country and outside? Will he be able to work on the Afghan agenda? 13.000 trainers and advisors will assist the government in building up capacity. Also, a lot of expats have come back to Kabul to set up the country.

Afghanistan is in a much better situation than it was 14 years ago, a Kabul journalist says, but it is still a country at war:

150102 Afghan

Und auch in den Reihen der eigenen Soldaten kann es die geben, die nicht loyal zur Regierung stehen….

How difficult it is to change anything:

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