On the New Silk Road – (Website starting photo May 16 – 23)

Im May 2018 I had the opportunity to spend several days travelling through the northern half of Kyrgyzstan. It was a welcome change from the daily project work  in Bishkek, the Capitol of Kyrgyzstan.

The southern part of Kyrgyzstan, from Tajikistan to Osh, I had travelled earlier, on a seminar trip about conflict management between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan und Uzbekistan. I was an eye opener for the huge differences between the three countries, in living conditions, in infrastrucutre, in politics and economy, and more. What they all had im common was great hospitality and friendlyness.

The picture shows a typical scene along the road between Bishkek and Osh. The highway is simple, a solid road to drive, one lane both ways. Long streched curves lead the way through beautiful landscapes, up to high rizing mountain passages, through tunnels, and down again. Often, you would like to stop and take a picture, but the narrow raod does offer many opportunities for safe stops. Tunnels are not European standard, but the views that open up at their end make up for a few minutes of fear and shiver.

Amazing to me were the amount of horses on the road, that seem to be no obsticle for the frequent flow of trucks coming and going from and to China. There is a lot of through traffic through Kyrgyzstan, which is located between China and Uzbekistan. Drivers take it easy. Rarely you hear a honking horn from a truck to open the way in a crowd of animals.

In small villages or points to stop you can get tea and bread, sometimes fruits, depending on the season. Melons are phantastic in August, peaches a bit earlier. Im May, not much was available, but tea and bread, a comfortable place to sit on a carpet covered divan, and many friendly smiles.

“Wifi” a big poster signaled at the window of a small shop. But this was more of an idea that such things as “Wifi” are available somewhere on this planet –  but not here.

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