Afghanistan – Agreement for Peace?

After so many years of war, USA and Taliban have signed a peace agreement. Without any doubt, that is a great achievement. It will bring US-American soldiers home. But will it bring peace to the Afghan people and to Afghanistan? To me, it seems wishful thinking.

Speaking with people in and from Afghanistan, I learned that the Taliban are not one, but several groups with different interests, different ideas and different means. Some have coaltions, others are fighting each other. Some are into trading, others in other businesses. To make it short: It is not a homogeneous group.Another questions seem to be, if all followers of the Taliban leaders will agree to have a peace agreement.

If peace will come, it will bring great relief to Afghanistan and all countries around. For Central Asia, Afghanistan is an important neighbor and a logistic route for trade to the Indian Ocean.

Having great respect for what was achieved, doubts remain if the peace agreement will bring peace to Afghanistan.

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Nachtrag vom 24.März 2020: Während die Anwärter auf das Präsidentenamt, Ghana und Abdullah, streiten, schmieden die Taliban neue Pläne:

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