Azerbajan in UN Security Council

Azerbajan will be a member of the UN Security Council for two years. After 17 rounds of voting the Caucasus Republic gained the 2/3 majority of all votes. The Republic fo Azerbajan will now enter the stage of international politics – a stage it has entered already in energy politics already five years ago, when it started delivering Caspian fossil energy to the west. The two major pipelines SCP (South Caucasus Pipeline) and BTC (Baku Tbilisi Pipeline) play an important role in the international poker about Caspian Energy.

The new seat in the UN Security Councel, a seat traditionally going to a post-sowjet country, will increase Bakus role in the region as well as in international energy affairs.  Azerbajan is a hub for energy for fossil carbon carriers from the Caspian and Central Asia region. It will take its seat in the most powerful committee of the UN from January 1, 2012 until end of December 2013.

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