EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan: Future Energy

Baiterek Tower, Astana

Future Energy – that is the motto of the EPXO 2017 in Astana.

All will be about renewable energy. Buildings are rising under extreme weather conditions. Astana is in the middle between Europa and China! The place of the event is highly meaningful for showing the increasing cooperation between Europe and China on the Silk Road.

In Astana, in the middle of the step of Central Asia (card below!) winters are very cold down to -40 C, summers very hot up to +40 C.That is where the EXPO 2017 will take place from June to September 2017. It is a challenge!

Bauen für die Expo 2017
Building for Expo 2017
Expo-Zentrum im Werden
Expo-Center being built

The city of Astana is a challenge in itself: It is meant to show how human beings can master challenges of nature.

City of Astana

Modern buildings of world famous architects are impressive signs of what can be achieved.

The Culture Center
Pyramids of Religions

Even at minus 20 degrees workers are isolating high rising buildings. Lets hope they will be paid respectively!

Kasachstan 201516 1 188
Isolating buildings at -20 C!

The motto of the EXPO 2017 is remarkable for this country, because Kazakhstan is rich with coal, oil and gas, and also uranium.  The latter is sold to countries all over the world.  In contrast to most, Kazakhstan considers nuclear energy a clean or green energy. Surely this will bring up some discussions!

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