Georgia elections – victory for democracy

“Georgia’s parliamentary elections marked an important step in consolidating the conduct of democratic elections” the OSCE stated today. It is remarkable and a great success to see what the Georgians and the international community have achieved. Yes, both.

It ist the first peaceful change through elections in Georgia. Until the very last days before the elections people were full of doubt if a change would be possible. Many had doubts if casting a vote would be worth it. Socialist times are still alive in many people´s minds.
This elections are a prove that a peaceful change is possible – it will be a great lecture and it will encourage people to get involved in pubic affairs. 60 percent ot the voters cast their ballot.

It was difficult to form parties, and even more difficult to set up programs. There were groups for many particular interests, but getting even two or three groups under one roof was impossible until last year.

Political groups had realized that a leader was needed to get varies interests united under one party leader. Ivanashvili was the candidate – not because of his charisma, but because he was not suspicious of having a personal interest to earn money – he had enough money to spend millions and set up the Sameba cathedral. He had no too close ties with interest outside of Georgia. He seems a candidate to really work the Georgian people.

Foreign commentators question if Ivanashvili has very close ties with Russia, where he earned his millions. Georgians will know, because they are a very closely knit society and informations goes around very quickly. And they have decided to vote for him. He has stated that he will take up contacts with Russia again. It seems to make sense to end the trade boycott that Moscow put on Tbilisi, but that is Moscows choice to do. And Ivanashvili has stated that he his first trip will go to Washington.

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