Georgia, Germany and the EU

From the Interview with President Giorgi Margwelashvili

What are you waiting for from
European Partners?
We are working very actively with our
European partners. First of all: The
initiation of an association agreement
is a very big step. Second is that we
will be very fast in partnership, and we
are very ambitious to sign the
agreement in 2014. Starting
from that we hope to get active in
European economy and business
engagement, in developing our
country. Here, bilateral relations are
very important. It is not only
European Union, but it is individual
countries. I would stress especially
the role of Germany. That we want to
We have experienced extraordinarily
good relations with Germany at the
beginning of our independence. And
still, Germany is helping a lot to
develop Georgian civil society.There
are many Stiftungen working in
Georgia, they are very important. So
we want this by bilateral relations
with several countries.

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