Georgia signs! Congratulations!

Today Georgia signs the EU Association Agrement with the EU. It has been a long struggle since 2004, interrupted by war and desegregation of the provinces Abchasia and South Ossetia.

The EU needs Georgia for transfer of Caspian energy, gas and oil, from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Europe.

Georgia needs the EU to develop a stable market economy. So far,  Georgia´s economy still largely depends on Russia. The new President will keep and enlarge contacts with Russia, but limited on the cultural and economic level.

The newly, in November 2013 elected president Giorgi Margwelashvili gave me an interview about his country at the end of last year that reflect the great changes Georgia has undergone and the peaceful path it wants to go on.

The interview was printed in the DIPLOMATIC INSIGHT in January 2014

A Publication of Institute of Peace and Diplomacy
Volume # 7 Issue # 1 January 2014
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Giorgi Margvelashvili
President of Republic of Georgia

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