Wars, Shifts and Changes

While most attention is drawn to Israel these days, and even the agressive war of Russia in Ukraine does not get the attention it did before October 7, a lot is happening in Russias former back yard.

With an amazing talent, Kazakh President Tokayev is balancing the interests of not only his neighbors Russia and China, but also other great powers near and far, such as the USA, Turkey, India, EU, and Iran.

Coordination and regional cooperation in Central Asia are supportive, but the ties between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kirgistan have been established only in recent years. The leadership in foreign relations of the region relies to a great part on the Kazakh leadership.

At the same time, great changes are taking place in the Caucasus. Armenia´s leadership has given up relying on Russian support, Karabakh will no longer exist as a self declared autonomous region from January 2024 on. Armenia is seeking peace and understanding with Azerbaijan, after being defeated in a war with its neigbor. The new development will end a 30 year narrative of not being able to co-exist as peaceful neighbors.

Neighboring Georgia is moving west. The EU commission has recommended Georgia to become a candidate for an EU membership.

These are big steps in the EU neighborhood.

Energy moves people, and states, and whole regions.

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