Iran visiting: FM Javad Zarif in Berlin

We are open for further discussions – that is the main message FM Javad Zarif brought out in Berlin. A great number of interested guests came to listen to FM Zraif last monday, Feb.3, at  DGAP in Berlin. The atmosphere was friendly, but sceptic. Loud noise of protesters against the government in Teheran could be heard from outside the building, while Zarif was speaking.

Zarif stated, that in 24o years his country had never raised arms against any other nation. So why would the international community worry about Iran`s  nuclear program. “Our technology is not for discussion. We cannot set back time” he also stated. The six month ahead should be seen as an opportunity to find a solution. “Test us, we are inviting you to test us” he said wiht a gesture of an open hand.

Iran could be a big player in the region, possibly intergrating several religious and political movements in the area and in the near east. And it could become an important source for energy.

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