Elections in Kazachstan (2)

Voting place in national colors in Astana

The new parliament in Astana, Kazachstan, has members of three different parties. That is a new step, away from the old one party rule of Nur Otan to a multi party system. It is a step in the right directions, the OSCE states, it is a big leap in the eyes of many people in Kazachstan. “I am proud that so many people got involved, that so many people went to vote, that so many people in Kazachstan are interested in politics” a young man said. While the percentage of voters has gone down steadily in most European states in the past years, in Kazachstan 75 % of the voters actually went to cast their vote.

Voting office in Public Library in Astana

The excitement is visible also in the new incoming parties: “For twenty years I have been waiting for this moment” says communist party leader Vladislav Kosarew. He is eager to have some good debates on his and others´ philosophies on politics.

For the Ak-Shol party, representing people with small und medium sized enterprizes, the new seats in parliament are a challenge. Now they can bring  know how  and economic thinking into the parliament in Astana. Now they have a chance to put their plan to action, how to broaden the economic basis for more people and more enterprises.

One thing is for sure: there are interesting times ahead in Kazakhstan. The elections can been seen as a signal for more diversity. Lets hope for good debates, and further steps to democracy with prosperity, peace and stability.

President Nasarbajew voting.

Everywhere, voting boxes were transparent

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