Energy: No end of fierce competition?

This is no victory for diplomacy: Fences for new bordes were put up in the middle of Georgia, seperating neighbors and cutting through open land space. EU  High Representative Catherine Ashton  noted „with profound concern the continued and increasing activities by Russian security forces to erect fences and other obstacle“

Five long years international observers watched closely what happened along the so called administrative boundry line, resulting from the Georgia-Russia war in 2008. Every incident was reported the the EU Monitoring Mission in Tbilisi and passed on to Geneva, consultation rounds. But from the very beginning of their work in September 2008 the EUMM was not allowed to go into South Ossetia, although it had been agreed that they would work in all part of Georgia.. Moscow´s long arm would not let them enter. Helpless, the officers of the mission had to stay outside. „No entry, no exit“ to South Ossetia.

The new fence in Georgia means a new act of force aganst civilians, caused by a conflict about oil and gas. The fight is about us Europeans and Europe´s energy needs.  The fight is about pipelines running in the ground from Baku to European and world markets..

Energy needs drive politics.  It is no good sign that no agreement has been reached. It is more than a pity that it has not been possible for diplomats to find a better solution! This will surely not be the last fight about energy!

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