Gas….where is plan B?

Energy sescurity - the uncompleted mission.

Ukraine and gas transit, that should be some consideration for Germany´s politicians. Where is plan B for transit of gas? In a war like situation as there is now in Ukraine it is no surprise that Russia will stop delivery of unpaid gas. Also it should be no surprise that the prize of gas for Ukraine is much higher than for those, who are considered Mocow´s friends.

Since long, there should be a plan for what can be done in such as situation. Yes, there are new interconnectors, there are reserves, the storages are well filled and they are sufficient for 45 days. Lucky enough, it is summer time, not winter. But if the tense situation should last longer than 45 days, it will be essential that most storages are not under Geman command. Only a few weeka ago Eon sold its storage volumes to Russian Gasprom.

So, where is plan B, what can be done? How much gas can Germany get from other sources? At what price? And when?

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