There is no such Thing as Free Energy

There is no such thing as free energy. We have to pay for oil, for gas, for electricity.
Today, the German government will announce the increase of taxes for electricity, due to the steps the country has agreed to take it is necessary to restructure the branch.

New sources for energy will be wind, water, wood as well as sun and geothermal energy. Using these to produce energy the use of fossil fuels will decrease. But the most powerful cut is taking place in nuclear energy. In the past years, nuclear plants have produced a large share producing electricity, the second largest after coal. All nuclear plants will be shut down until the 2025.

The decision to do so was made after the disaster in Fukushima. The ongoing discussion about how quick the country could leave the use of nuclear energy was ended from one day to the next, not fully considering what the economic consequences would be. Was it the shock of the moment or massive demonstrations?

The market was not ready for such a rapid change. The energy branch invests in long terms, 30 years are the time span to plan for. Interrupting long-term planning means putting a lot of pressure on the market. The result is not enough capacity and rising prizes.
Now the government will have to find out how this bill will be footed.

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