Autobahn for Energy

Month and Years passed, until a decision was made: Today Germany’s Parliament decided to build new energy lines that will transport wind power electricity in high voltage cables from stormy northern regions to mountainous areas with little wind in the south, where it is needed. “We are going to build four high power lines from north to south within the next 10 years, that will be 2100 km of new energy Autobahns” stated Thomas Bareiß, energy-political coordinator of the ruling coalition.

People along the coastal areas are not happy. Many months their county government supported their protest initiatives against high power lines close to their homes and villages. Now the counties have given up power to the federal government in Berlin – supporting the idea of the federal as a whole having priority to individual wishes or needs.
It was not an easy decision, but considering the needs of the country as a whole, it was necessary to come to a conclusion – against the coastal minority.

At the same time it remains an open questions if better efficiency could be reached by encouraging decentralized production of energy, not only by wind, but by water and whatever source is locally available. It could be cheaper and more efficient.

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