Energy – markets shifting

The centre of gravity of the global natural gas market is shifting eastwards, in line with economic growth and increasing energy demand. Indeed, the Asia-Pacific region has surpassed Europe to become the world’s largest gas importing region.

A new publication sheds light on the latest developments in the field of energy and their political implications for the coming years.

The future of energy and climate security

i.e. Dr. Birgit Wetzel: Profitable Energy for Central Asia

Published by:
The European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) Established in the Department of
War Studies at King’s College London in October 2010. The research of EUCERS is focused on promoting an understanding of how our use of energy and resources affects International Relations, since energy security is not just a matter of economics, supply and technological change. In an era of globalization energy security is more than ever dependent on political conditions and strategies. Economic competition over energy resources, raw materials and water intensifies and an increasing number of questions and problems have to be solved using holistic approaches and wider national and international political frameworks.
The Konrad Adenauer Foundation offers political education nationally and internationally to forward peace, freedom and justice. We promote and sustain liberal democracy, constitutional legacy and
the social market economy. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation responds to the growing regional
and global importance of secure and climate save energy supply by establishing a new regional project “Energy security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific”. Climate change and energy supply
are among the biggest challenges for many Asian countries in the coming decades. We foster this process towards a more sustainable way of living and economic activities through dialogue measures with policy makers in the region and with Europe – through international congresses and workshops, scholarship and research programmes and publications.

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