Gas-terror in Mali

The events in Mali, Algeria, are a shock not only to those, whose dear ones are in danger, but to all who look at the events in a broader perspective.

The events are not something local, but they are meant to give a sign. Those who were planning the attack choose a place where they would meet international personnel, they would address several countries at the same time. They are raising their voice and their weapons against Western Style of living. That is why they choose the site of a gas field.

Gas is needed in Western countries, and that is in great amounts. It produces heat, it generates electricity. it help to keep up Western style of Living.

What will the international Community do now? The French foreign minister who sent out troops to support Mali forces, made a lonesome decision, hoping for a lot of international support. Will the European Foreign ministers support him? Will they find common ground and speak with one voice now? This type of aggression is a new type a war, not exactly unexpected, but still not really expected either. Or are were we just to blind to see?

This type of aggression is a real challenge for the international community, not only for Europe, but for all Western countries.

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