Baku streets

It was cold today, but still a very large crowd went into the streets of Baku to demonstrate. They were sympathising with people in Ismaili, a beautiful, but poor city in the region, about 130 km away from Baku.
People in Ismaili as in other places feel they are being overruled but the major of town, who is not working in the people´s but his own interest, they felt. The police beat down the demonstrators with force and using tear gas.

The protests in Baku are a follow-up. In the very center of the capital Baku where houses and streets have been restored with a lot of money and in a very stylish way, people gathered to cry out loud. They want to show sympathy with those in the region. Between 40 and 100 people were arrested, depending on the source you ask.

These demonstrations seem to be more than just the idea of a moment or a day. People are aiming at contrasts,and at opposing views. They are aiming at a lot of money coming into the country in some places, and none in others. Not only in Baku, but also in the region people are expressing their thoughts. That is new!

Look at “Ismayilli” and “Baku”

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