Nuclear in Bulgaria – YES or NO

Bulgarian citizens could vote last sunday: Do they want a new nuclear power plant or do they not want it? But the referendum failed: only 20 percent of the required minimum of 60 percent of the voters came to drop the ballot.

Some say, it was the cold weather that kept people from coming. Some say, voters were not interested. Some say that people did not believe they really had a choice.

Now parliament will have to decide. Of those who came, the majority was for more nuclear energy.

What makes this so special? It is typical of post soviet states until today, that many and especially the elder ones do not understand that they are asked  to express their will. Many still do not believe that their vote counts, each single one. 

Many post soviet states are still in transition: in the economic system, in the political system and in people´s thinking!

Change needs time to germinate!

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