Karabakh, again and again

The cause of the conflict in Karabah lies years back. But new fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia has called for the international community to intervene.

Germany, being the chair of the OSCE this year, is trying to find a diplomatic solution for the Karabakh conflict, for Armenia and Azerbaijan and external actors in the region. It will be difficult to find peace, and to implement it. Ideologies of mistrust in civil society are deep rooted by now, after so many years of continued ceasefire, but no peace.

For talks, the FM of Armenia and then Azerbaijan were invited to Berlin. Last week FM Mammadyarov gave interviews stating that trust building was needed, and people to people contacts. “Military must stay in the barracks” was a clear statement FM Mammadyarov made. Steps to follow on this path have not been seen lately, on either side. And not in the past years. But now something seems to be moving. Talks were continued today in South Caucasus and will go on this coming week.


FM Elmar Mammadyarov in Berlin, May 11, 2016

Added on May 16:

Today: Great summit for international #diplomats in #Vienna to deal with multiple crisis in

#Syria, #Lybia, #Ukraine, #Armenia, #Azerbaijan, #Iran tensions with #Saudi Arabia. High ranking diplomats, including those of USA and Russia, will meet and discuss and hopefully find some common ground. It could be a turning point for several crisis, because they are interlinked.

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