Formula 1 in Baku, June 17-19

Baku: Formula 1 race

Cars race at maximum speed, passing the beautiful scenery of centuries old city of Baku – what a sight! Amazing to see buildings, that have survived centuries, and the modern city of Baku today, and all that has been achieved in only the past ten years since the pipelines from the Caspian Sea have started to deliver oil and gas to world markets. Millions and millions of dollars have come into the country of Azerbaijan.

Numerous Autobahns have been built, and modern buildings of the most elegant style. But why is there no money to repair streets offroad the main paths?  That is, in the regions and in old living areas from Sovjet times, where a lot of people live in simple apartment houses?

It seems great to attract more tourists to Baku, to engage in big world events such as Formula 1 race. But what about the streets in the regions where ordinary people live as citizens, who go to work and pay their taxes?

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