Rolling, rolling, rolling…from Chingdao to Baku, … to Europe

The new Silk Road is in progress. The first container train from China has arrived in Baku on February 17, 2021, ADY Container LLC, a subsidiary of the Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, the Azerbaijan News Agendy Trend reports. The mixed-load train covered the distance from the Chinese city of Chingdao to Baku in 15 days.

The train carrying household appliances and chemicals consisted of 81 containers, 50 of which belong to Azerbaijan. The containers were loaded onto the Beket Ata feeder ship in the Aktau port, Kazakhstan, and sent to the Baku port, Azerbaijan. Most of the cargo is intended for Azerbaijan, 15 Containers are for the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the rest will be sent to Turkey, Romania, and Italy.

The train is part of a new transport line, established as one route of the new Silk Road from China via Kazakhstan, across the Caspian Sea, through the Caucasus to Europe. Baku has built a new harbor with latest technology ready for large transport capacities to and from China.

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In the harbor of Baku, Azerbaijan (Video)

Freight train and ship in the harbor of Baku

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