Fall of the Berlin Wall – 25 years ago

Berlin Wall  Brandenburg Gate 7. November 2014
Berlin Wall
Brandenburg Gate
7. November 2014

How I learned about it?

When I turned on the TV on November 9 I saw a strange movie: Berlin and the opening of the wall. So strange, too much phantasy.
Second program: Same topic. That is funny, I thought, same topic in two different programs, and what an exotic idea!
So I switched again, third program, and I could hardly trust my eyes: Again same topic! It just seemd beyond imagination that the wall would fall!
Unreal, but it was real!

The next morning I went to the wall. To believe I had to see it with my own eyes! I wanted feel the spirit, to be at the spot, to meet the people, to be part of this phantastic event!

People kept coming from the east to the west through a samll outlet in the wall close to Brandenburg Gate. Dozends of correspondents were waiting to get a few statements from East Berlin people. I stayed right by the wall to translate to English and French – for hours! But time seemed timeless! Berlin, the whole city, was one huge festival for days!!
Still feels great to walk through Brandenburg Gate! Each and every time!

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