Lübeck – closed for G7

Lübeck - closed!

Lübeck has changed into a strange town these days. Hundreds of policemen walk and drive through lonely streets. People are walking and biking where there used to be cars. Many streets are empty, some are closed because the locals keep out during the G7 summit. Some shops just put up a sign saying: We are closed during G7!

Some shops protected their windows with wooden boards, owners were afraid of demonstrators. “After what I saw in Frankfurt I thought I should better protect the windows!” a jewelier told me this morning, as he was taking away boards that covered and protected his precious clocks and watches during the evening, when demonstrations were expected.

“Lübeck has never ever been this empty” a elderly lady said, shaking her head for not understanding why all this was necessary. At Niederegger cafe, the most famous place for marzipan, you could even choose between the best places along the windows. Great! Especially for those whose never come on time to catch the best table.

“Everything is closed”,  another man complained, but then realized that a big department store was open. A big sign was hanging at the front door: WE ARE OPEN FROM 9:30 – 18.

Tomorrow Lübeck will be open again, for all!

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