Nabucco West and Heydar Aliyev

Caspian region and business was the topic for former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hans Dietrich Genscher, special commissioner for Energy Oettinger, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Guido Westerwelle and about 250 guests – they all came to Berlin. No question what they would talk about most: gas of course, and energy from Caspian region. It was a successful symposium: very interesting, good speeches.

All came on the event of Heydar Aliyev’s 90 th birthday. It was him who signed the first contracts with big energy companies in 1994. Based on these contracts Azerbaijan could start to become independent from Moscow´s politics. Since 2006 Azerbaijan is exporting to Western markets earning many dollars. Until today, money from the energy sector moves the country onwards. Azerbaijan Ambassador Parvis Shahbasov gave an outline of his countries´ modern history. For the future, Nabucco West decision will give proof of how close the partnership between the EU and Azerbaijan will come.

The Azerbaijanis are surrounded by difficult neighbors. “Azerbaijan deserves our partnership” Günther Oettinger underlined. He was aiming at Nabucco West, the pipeline to be built . The final decision will be made in June. Nabucco is a huge project in many ways: financial, political and also social.

Added May 22:

Hans Dietrich Genscher is now criticized  for not mentioning Human Right Issues when talking about Azerbaijan, and for being too friendly to a non democratic government. There are lots of topics in that respect, no doubt. At the same time it should be recognized, that Azerbaijan is still a transition country, and not the only one in the region. It is a long way to democracy!

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