The Energy Matrix: Iran and the US

A lot has been said these days about this topic, too much. A lot of speculating. Why? Why now?

The decision in the US may be driven more by the strategic interest in energy sales, following the matrix of energy, than by the threat of nuclear installations.

When the boycott was about to fall, I wrote articles about the strategic interest in dropping the sanctions against Iran.

Iran, der neue Freund: Die Sanktionen gegen das Land könnten bald enden, weil es dem Westen ökonomisch und geopolitisch nutzt. DIE ZEIT, 2.07.2015

„Wir glauben an ein Ende der Sanktionen“ – Irans Gas und Ölreserven. Interview mit Ölminister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh. Tagesspiegel, 15.06.2015

Since that time, the situation has changed. The US are now exporting liquid gas. The Iran has the largest gas reserves in the world, a competitor to be. But the Iran needs parts for installations to export gas. Parts from European companies.

Europe must have a strong interest in keeping up relations with Iran, a strategic interest. It must follow the matrix of energy, in Iran and in Central Asia.

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