Uzbekistan: Round and square table

Media covers Round Table

About 100 Uzbeks, deputies of the Oliy Majilis, international guests, experts from ministries, friends and experts gathered around a large square table in Tashkent today. The round table participants from Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and France discussed reporting of the upcoming presidential elections on December 4. For the first time in the country’s history, non governmental media NAESMI will report during the pre-election and election time.

The elections have become necessary since the death of past President Islam Karimov who died September 2 of this year. Four candidates are now running for presidency.

Journalists of NAESMI, the National Association of Eletronic Media, and non governmental media, will cover the elections for all parts of Uzbekistan. Talk shows for candidates, digital media, internet reporting and social media are part of a broad range of media outlets in the country these days.

Head of the Table

Reports and social media spots are broadcasted throughout the country by tv and radio, to remind people to vote on December 4.

Uzbekistan is the home of more than half of the population of Central Asia. Half of its population is younger than 25, which could give the country high dynamics. The country is landlocked in the heart of Central Asia, and in the middle of the Silk Road, reaching from Europe to China. Besides its very old and famous cultural heritage, the country is of great strategic importance.

The square table reminded of old style, but the round table presentations were showing that modern times have arrived in Tashkent.

Young TV journalist, participant of round table

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