Uzbekistan: Warm Wind of Change continues

No expert has forseen such enormous changes and dynamics. Uzbekistan is undergoing a lot of fundamental changes.
Dynamics are towards developing the economy, towards more and better education, regional and international cooperation, and contacts to Germany in particular. There are great interests vice versa.  The country is stable, is has a good infrastructure, and a great potential for investments, which are needed to strengthen the weak economy. I have just returned from Uzbekistan.
AFGHANISTAN gets special attention from its neighbor Uzbekistan. Trade across the border and in northern Afghanistan has increased and has shown a new path to increase stability and peace, though still on a small scale. Uzbeks are considering how to deliver energy to Afghanistan, essential for a growing economy. Peace and stability in Central Asia in most important for the region, for the new Silk Road/ OBOR (one belt, one road Chinese mega project) and for all. The new approach seems promising.
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