Cables – much needed, few producers

Offshore wind parks seem to have a great future, especially for countries with coastlines like Germany, Great Britain or several other states in Europe. the are a great chance to produce electricity almost at home, instead of buying gas, oil or coal from far away countries. But, as many countries have realized this chance, there are not enough producers for the parts needed to set up the wind mills, not enough ships to transport the extremely heavy parts to their destination, and not enough producers of the cables needed to bring the electricity to the shores. Because of this shortage, prices are going up.

We need is coordination of the energy politics in Europe. If our politicians do not coordinate what kind of energy is needed and where, prices will go up more and more. Electricity has become a basic need. And the state will have to care. Not only putting the taxpayers money in wild, uncoordinated adventures,but also keeping prizes at an affordable level.

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