Rice and Coffee in Global Climate Change

Flooded countryside in Cambodia

Rice farmers in Asia as well as coffee farmers in South America – they all suffer from climate change in a very fundamental way. Their harvests are endangered. Climate change has changed weather conditions. The fields and their crops, the fundament for farmers´ life and their families, are no more safe for income.

Climate change is man made. For years, there were doubts about the cause. Latest research has given proof: CO2 emissionions from burning fuels and energy consumption make up for the greatest part. The Paris Agreement for Global Climate Protection, signed in December 2015, leads to numerous measures in all countries. But changes need time to germinate.

Numerous activities will have to take place, to protect the world temperature from rising more than 2°C, which is a critical mark. The consequences of climate changes are visible all over the world.

In some are areas Climate Change threatens millions of people with hunger. The rice corn cannot grow the way it used to along the Mekong, the wide river through the center of Southeast Asia, the so called rice bowl of Asia. The river used to bring water to the fields and take it back, in steady intervals. Now there are floods and draughts in odds intervals. Conditions under which rice cannot grow.

It is still an open question how to tackle the issue.

In a project by KAS, journalists from Cambodia are working about the issue to raise awareness of local people and governments.

Further information: http://www.kas.de/recap/; also in fb

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