Baku, a summer dream for visitors

Amazing, just amazing. One week before the ESC, Baku is like a summer dream: just beautiful! Especially at night time, when the whole city is lightened up. The visitors coming to the ESc will see a great show, and all efforts are made to make visitors feel welcome and to present the country from its very best side.

People enjoy the scenary. Everybody seems to out walking the bulevard and the city at nighttime, young and old, men and women, everybody living here in the city of Baku. They are celebrating the ESC event and the new wealth that has reached the country by earning dollars from gas and oil exports.

If you look behind these scenes, there is still a lot to be done, a lot. But what they have acheived here is very much and it earns a lot of respect.

Lets hope the new wealth will also reach those, that could not participate so far.

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